The Choice of War

Manabesh Nath
2 min readMar 1, 2022

Why choose war, when searching for peace?

Why turn to conflict, when looking for resolution?

Why decide to combat, when hoping to sort out the mess?

Why engage in battle, when trying to build a new world?

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What is the need of war, when discussing of terms?

What is the hue and cry about conflict, when figuring out a solution?

What is the intrinsic urge for combat, when opposite ideologies clash?

What is the forceful habit to battle, when arguments are too difficult to withstand?

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Where does war come from, when two people seem so oblivious and friendly?

Where does conflict come from, when dialogues and discussion could lead to meaningful discourse?

Where does combat come from, when misunderstandings can find a common ground?

Where does battle come from, when ultimately the distinction separating us is the way of thinking?

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Who is at war, when two completely unknown men are firing at each other?

Who is facing the conflict, when a mother is hoping not to see her son’s name among the martyrs?

Who is involved in combat, when two friends separated by borders are exchanging blows for their leaders?

Who is in battle, when hospitals are catering to the wounded while the sick waste away?

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Why choose war, when life is so precious?

Why turn to conflict, when livelihood struggles are never-ending?

Why decide to combat, when death has already engulfed us?

Why engage in battle, when being alive is in itself a constant war waging inside us?

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